Value my cartridges

There are three simple ways to donate or get a quote:

1. Call us directly on 07960 06 6162, tell us what you have and we will call you back with our best offer.
2. Email us at [email protected] or complete our form below. Please include images of your stock if you have any. We will reply with a quote the same working day.
3. Email an inventory list, if you have the information on another document.

Please include as much product details as you can. These include: brand name, model number, quantity, and condition for an accurate quote.

To donate your cartridges and support our criminal justice work, click the link below to email or give us a ring. We will arrange a speedy collection.


Do you buy expired cartridges?

  • Yes. However expired cartridges are harder for us to resell as there is an element of risk associated with the performance of these cartridges and will affect the amount we can payout. 

How are your quotes formulated? 

We consider a number of factors when generating our offer. The main factors we consider are:

  • Condition of the cartridge and packaging.
  • Expiry date
  • Average resale value. We typically payout between 25-50% of the average resale value of your cartridges. We calculate the resale value by tracking the prices offered on online marketplaces and payout prices offered by other liquidators. 
  • Average time it takes us to resell your specific cartridges.
  • Brand. Some printer manufacturers are used more widely in the UK than others. This has an impact on the demand of your cartridges and our ability to find a new home where they will be used, which in turn affects the price we can offer.

What you do you with the cartridges? 

  • Resell on other marketplaces and directly to our business partners and charities who purchase stock from us.
  • We use some of the cartridges ourselves to test printers we sometimes receive and resell.

Payment Options

Getting paid is simple and straightforward. There are 3 ways we can get your payment to you: Cash, Paypal and Bank transfer: 

  • Option 1: Cash payment can be provided if you can arrange for us to make the collection directly from your premises or office. 
  • Option 2: Paypal payments are typically sent before you post your items. While this is the fastest way to get paid, Paypal charges a 2.9% fee of the transaction value. For more info, please visit: Paypal
  • Option 3: Bank transfers directly to your personal or business account are offered once we have received and inspected your cartridges or on the day we arrive to collect the cartridges from your premises.

Delivery and Collection Options

Free delivery to send your stock to us. No quibbles. That’s our guarantee. 

As a London-based company we like to collect directly from your premises or office to keep costs low. If you are based outside London, we cover the postage costs. All you need to do is safely wrap and pack your cartridges and drop them off with a courier. Alternatively, we can arrange a courier to collect the stock from you on very large orders.