About me

I’m Alex, a Londoner on a mission to reduce wasted resources and improve the lives of people leaving prison. I am passionate about helping people overcome difficult challenges in life, alongside playing basketball, which I am better at in my mind than I am in reality, but that’s a story for another day.

I founded CartridgeBuyBack to give individuals and businesses a simple way to clear out cupboards and storage rooms of unused printer cartridges. We make sure they get used rather than forgotten. This ensures materials are not wasted and enables us to invest the money we make back into resettlement support, training, and employment opportunities for people leaving prison. Our aim is to achieve this by providing people with convictions with work in the enterprise and donations to our criminal justice charity partners, including standout.org.uk, where I work as Head of Programmes.

By using us to donate or sell your unused printer cartridges, you are ensuring resource efficiency and helping people navigate out of the prison system for good.

Creating a circular economy, Reducing landfill waste

All waste is a resource and we strive to embed our value of Nothing Wasted into everything we do. From simple actions like shredding damaged cardboard to create box filler, to larger decisions, such as using bicycles when making on-site collections. We want to move away from the ‘take-make-waste’ model of doing business to responsible consumption and practices that design-out waste.

Helping Criminal Justice Charities

At the heart of our social enterprise is a deep belief in rehabilitation and the important role high-quality support services play in helping people chart a new path in life. That’s why we partner with award-winning criminal justice charities and invest the remaining portion of our profits after accounting for business development into our Resell Reform and other social impact projects. By using our service to sell or donate your unwanted cartridges, you not only get cash back for cartridges that would otherwise remain locked up in your drawer, stockroom, or, worse, the bin, but you’re also making a conscious choice to support our mission to create a safer and more inclusive society for all people with convictions.

Find out more about our Resell Reform project and social impact aims.